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Update Problem: cannot connect to amd servers

Question asked by forceeyyy on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by goodplay


I have win 10  Pro

and a AMD Raedon R9 370X (Currently running version 18.3.3 (manually installed))

The Problem i have is, that always If i ll try to update I ll get the error: Cannot connect to amd Servers, to look for an update (My Connection is fine + I ve tried fresh installs already quite often, it doesn t help...)

Actually I m just able to download the drivers manually + here the minimal setup doesn t works either, always getting the message all components are already installed If I ll try to update

I have this problem already for a longer time and it s getting a lil bit annoying (idk f it s important, but it worked some months ago just fine)

I really hope someone can help me to fix this

Thx very very much in advance