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Final Fantasy XV Steam Version Crashing on Adrenalin Edition 18.3.3

Question asked by suntopk on Mar 24, 2018

The latest drivers causes my game to crash in the latest drivers. This game was working fine until I installed this version.

I do not know how or why it crashes but it always crashes in battle after about 60 seconds. I have remedied this by going back to 18.3.2 drivers.


System Specs are as follows

Intel i5 2400

20GB Ram

Radeon R7 360 2GB card

Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.309)

700+ GB free on a 2TB HDD



Just reporting this as a bug with this config and may be affecting others. The game only crashed when I installed this driver 18.3.1 and 18.3.2 work fine no crashes so far. CLEAN INSTALL of  18.3.2