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    Huge Shout Out of Thanks!!


      New pic of the system all updated and running like a champ!

      new PC built.jpg


      OK so HUGE news!! Thanks to darkwolfca my current FX 8370 shown here.


      Will be Updated to #Ryzen!!! He stunned me yesterday with a surprise delivery of a

      MSI B350 Gaming Plus Mother Board and a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU!!! Pictured below.


      I will post pics when it done, need Ram first or I would have already been tearing this down and rebuilding it as/ap.

      Thank you again darkwolfca you are Amazing to have done this!!

      darkwolfca is an amazing community member I am not the first he has done this for.

      I cried when I opened it now I am giddy with anticipation!