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My gpu core clock keeps fluctuating (SOLVED)

Question asked by lustrum on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by lustrum

*FIXED*: opened my card , replaced the thermal paste . All the problems are gone now. My gpu was overheating , 60c was false temp readings by the system.



Ryzen 1700

Msi Rx480 gaming x 8gb

Flarex 16gigs 3200mhz ram

Gigabyte b350 gaming 3 motherboard

Seasonic 520w psu



Been using this graphics card for a year now. Never had any major problems until now. I recently got a new hdd so i installed a fresh copy of windows and chucked my old hdd. Installed all the required drivers etc but the problem is my gpu clock speed keeps going up and down while gaming. It never stays stable at its 1303mhz anymore.I have tried fixing it by raising the power limit+50, increasing voltage but to no avail. it keeps going down to as low as 900mhz. i clean installed using both ddu and amdclean install. Clean installed the following drivers:18.3.3 , 18.3.1, 18.2.1, 18.2.2, 17.7.2 but the problem still persists. Gpu temperatures are usually around 60-65 degrees celcius. Never had this problem on my previous installation of windows. It used to stay locked at 1303 mhz under load. But now since it keeps changing i get major stuttering, fluctuating fps, micro freezes.


How do i fix my problem.



It fluctuates when gpu power draw exceeds 130watts or so was the case yestarday, now it fluctuates at 90 watts . Checked on old hdd, same problem on it too now.


Update#2 :

Gpu seems to be trying its best to target 60c. Whenever it goes over 58c gpu starts to downlclock. Plus i tried to overclock and the higher i increase the voltage the wider the power fluctuations get like from 150 watts to 60 watts. Got a new power supply, same issue persists. So yestarday i installed msi gaming app and used the oc mode, it forced my clock to stay at 1303mhz and the fps dropped to an abmyssal 20 fps from 120fps in pubg. Now today i started my computer very irritated and removed the hdmi wire from gpu while the computer was on and banged the reset button some times and behold! my gpu now stays locked at 1303mhz and wattage is completely stable too like around 140-160 watts depending on the load. Fps seems to be good too. Gpu still seems to targeting 60c, fans going into overdrive when it crosses 60c. Dont know what i did but the problem seems be somewhat fixed. Will test further with heavy overclocking.



Looks like it running stable was temporary. One thing i have noticed is that the higher the temperature the bigger the clock drops eg: at 62c it fluctuates at 1100-1303mhz range and at 65c its at 800-1303mhz.