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Black screen when installing drivers or booting up

Question asked by pleasegivehelp on Mar 25, 2018

Windows 10 pro 64bit


AMD k10 45nm Technology

RAM: 8.00GB

MotherBoard: ASUSTek M5A97 (AM3r2)


ATI AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series (XFX Pine Group)

Audio: AMD High Definition audio device





So whenever i try to install any type of AMD driver, being old, 2015/2016 drivers or have the catalyst installer pick for me, i keep experinecing a black screen when its installing, then when i restart my pc it isnt installed, and when i install it in safe mode i cant boot up in normal mode, Im on a lenovo desktop, I spoke with microsoft support and they suggest contactin the manafactures so i decided to do just that since I really need this to get fixed by the end of the month, thanks for the help in advance