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AMD ryzen 2400g igpu dosen´t works

Question asked by rexocraft on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by spajdr

Hi, i bought me a ryzen 2400g and use it on the Asus b350 strix Gaming-F Board with 16gb DDR4 G Skill Trident Z RGB ram.


After i build the PC i go in the bios setting and saw that the APU Frequency i only at 100mhz.   Okay that not the problem but after the driver installation for the amd vega 11 it doesn´t works and i had a black Screen, so i must to install my old Graphics card from my old PC in my new PC, and tried to reinstall my Windows 10pro 64-bit and the drivers for the igpu of my radeon vega 11 but with no Success. Windows says that the vega11 has a problem and must stop, with the basic windows graphics driver the igpu works but only at 100mhz not at 1250mhz, and games don´t work or works very slow. I dont know what i have to do please help me.

And sorry for my bad english because im german and dont found the german AMD fourum.