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amd 7640g

Question asked by laurentiususu on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by laurentiususu

Hello guys!


I have a problem with my dedicated GPU: AMD 7640G. I have a HP ProBook 455G1 with a AMD A8 4500M CPU and AMD 8750M GPU.

I have some problems lately. My laptop restarts out of nowhere. Before this i had some bluescreens with the errors code: video dxgkrnl and something; and then the laptop would restart. Now it just restarts. I'm not doing anything in particular when my laptop restarts. It just restarts. I installed GPU-Z to check the graphics and here is a scrennshot. And i had temperatures well above 100 for the integrated GPU. The dedicated one is ok. And i was doing nothing. Can someone help please? I tried to update the GPU but every time i do this all animations in windows are very laggy.So I have a driver from aug-2015 for both the GPUs wich works.


Best regards!