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    relive isn't streaming


      worked great, then i updated my pw on fb, now it won't stream. yes i updated the pw on relive as well , i removed the app from fb and reconnected. still nothing. what's going on. i'm pretty computer savvy ,i've tried everything from reconnecting (like i said) to uninstalling and reinstall. even tried changing the hot key idk.


      i do know the hot keys work, if i tun off the fb link it tells me to set it up, so i sign back in, still nothing. running as admin fixed nothing also.


      i can record just not stream.

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          Cannot stream to YT using 18.3.4. Recording works fine.


          Clicking on CTL SHFT G gives error msg 'Streaming not configured in Radeon Settings'


          Radeon Settings all hotkeys are set and password is entered and enabled for YT.



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              As per another thread I responded to;


              If you add the server and account key from your YouTube Creator Studio you can get YT streaming working under the Custom option.


              In Creator Studio the info you need is under Live Streaming|Stream Now|Encoder Setup (Server URL & Stream Name/key)