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graphics card replacement-Is this mission impossible ? tech-support truly needed here...thank you in advance

Question asked by stdupont on Mar 22, 2018
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Truly need some tech support here as the topic stated.


My laptop computer has this problem, see youtube below:

vertical line screen problem - YouTube


Also, the laptop abruptly shuts down itself often and device manager cannot detect the Nvidia graphics card's driver, showing a genetic driver instead.


The sony VAIO hardware diagnostic software pointed video card error. Both memory and CPU tests result showing--passed. And I bought 2 samsung SSD to replace 2 old HDDs. Laptop has intel RAID and set as  RAID-0 for performance. Original OS was Vista Ultimate 32 bits, now is Windows7 Pro 64 bits using ISO clean installation-laptop is 64 bits capable. Ran malwarebytes and other aniti virus ensured it is not affected.


The graphics video card is Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT-512MB-DDR2, problem is, it is soldered on the motherboard. I tried using hair dyer method, did not work. I have not tried the oven-baking method as I am not comfortable enough to take the whole laptop apart, and professional reballing cannot solve the problem IF the card itself is dying.


Under this circumstance, i bet most people will say it's no-go, and 3 Nvidia guys I asked said the same thing, especially the GeForce 8600M GT is something Nvidia had pain(s) before.

But then, I saw this:


Laptop External Graphics Independent Card Dock ExpressCard&MINI PCI-E&NGFF EXP | eBay


If I truly want to replace the existing graphics card, which graphics card would you Pros recommend me? Reason I ask here is that I heard the other Nvidia card will also needs the video-Bios which i don't have. I heard that ATI cards that does not have this issue. Second reason is Sony sold VAIO some time ago and they no longer offer any  Bios /drivers update.


If the above external graphics card dock method will not work, can the graphics card be straightly replaced when I send the laptop out for professional reballing? ...(using a you guys's card as replacement as they physically take out the nvidia card before reballing)


Thank you in advance.


My laptop spec:

Sony VAIO VGN-AR770U CTO-customized-to-order

Intel 2.6 Ghz/ 4GB RAM/ 250 GB x 2 Samsung SSD/ Intel RAID

Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics card-512 MB-DDR2