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    amd rx460 crashed


      I have amd rx460 card graphics (win 10 64bit) btw and until it is playing normaly games.Suddenly crashed and my screen full of artifacts. Do you know anyone what happen in my pc?

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          Usually this is an issue with the GPU itself. Hardware releated.
          Either the clockspeed is too high, the temp got too high or there is an issue with power.

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            Can you post the Make & Model of your Desktop Motherboard, PSU, and CPU/APU.


            Are you by any chance using a 3rd Party Overclocking software like MSI Afterburner or Asus Tweak II or Trixx? If you are, put your GPU card to default setting using the same 3rd Party OC software and uninstall it temporarily to see if your continue with crashes. These type of programs are not completely compatible with Wattman, even if Wattman is not installed.


            Also it is important to know the exact Errors your are getting when your computer crashes, BSOD's with errors, AMD errors, etc.


            Do you have Freesync enabled when the computer crashes?

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              suspect its windows 10 end its a microsoft issue that's effecting a few builds throwing a lot of builds out. I have got this issues with 10 on 1 build with 10 on ssd. One of my stepsons I have replaced all the hardware to a point I have got it down to a courpted 10. An idea is do a fresh 10 install with earlier drivers say 18.2.1 drivers I found stable atm on the current 10 update roll out. I have have been warry so far with 10 but working on 18.2.1 drivers tho just making sure before i update as 10 has a habit of courpting AMD drivers atm.

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                messed with my videocard for a while. Messing with 1 of my stepsons Craptel Crapvidia build atm 1709 has been horrible at best. I get sketchy when i do updates incase mine goes down, 1 of my boys has turned  updates off running prey good with a R7 360 in atm, Had it nuke a storage hard drive full of games had to backward boot it to correct the ssd fortunate the SSD was in effected tho had to correct a few registry issues for it to come right. Another is playing up random rebooting tho think its taken another PSU again I had 1 update completely kill a desktop tho Its been rebuilt to a point only thing effecting now is OS isnt running right with fresh Install. Yeah 10s been realy Iffy tho first time I run into serious issues with 1 yet mine & the other 2 have been behaiving alright atm.