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FirePro v9800 & 2460 under Linux

Question asked by kunamashina on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by ali_d

Dear AMD,


This is a bit urgent, here is the situation I am in.


I have 2 servers that are going to display a huge desktop on 6 monitors big screen and 4 monitors using Eyefinity technology


- 1st server is using FirePro 2270 DMS-59 as a primary display on the KVM and FirePro v9800 as secondary for eyefinity setup of 6 monitors as one desktop

- 2nd server is using FirePro 2460 as primary for eyefinity setup of 4 monitors as a one desktop


This should run on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS and I have been unable to make it work neither under fglrx drivers (since they are no longer supported) neither under AMDGPU-PRO drivers


I searched almost everywhere on the internet for a possible solution and I am running out of time, I need your help guys !


What is the best solution and approach for my desired outcome since fglrx is no longer supported since ubuntu 16.04 ???