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    Where does one find embedded driver release notes?


      I see there is a new driver for my MF box.


      What I do not find is any sort of release notes hiding nearby or even inside this 540MB file.

      How am I supposed to decide whether I should use this, or stick with


      Without release notes?


      What changed? Will it make my R-series less of a baconator? Will it turn it into a fearsome game machine

      (Why the drivers include game adverts for *embedded* hardware is another story.)


      To check:

      Go to: Drivers & Support

      Manually Select Your Driver

      Step 1 Select "Embedded Graphics"

      Step 2 Select "Radeon Embedded" (only choice here)

      Step 3 Select "R-Series 3rd Gen formely codenamed Merlin Falcon

      Step 4 Select "Windows 10 - 64 Bit"

      Step 5 let's go!


      Stare in awe at the complete lack of release notes.

      It is also worth pointing out that 17.30.1075 etc has disappeared from the "Previous Embedded GPU and APU drivers"