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    newer drivers acting up need advice


      I have a Lenovo legion y520 with a i5 7300hq cpu, and a amd rx 560 4gb video card. when I use the latest amd drivers I have great in game frame rates but in windows I get random freezes. no problems at all playing games. when I use older drivers I get worse frame rates in game, but no random freezes in windows. please help.

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          You are missing details that would best help someone to help you. Like OS, what driver, see this guide: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


          Glad to hear that the new drivers are better in some regards. Are you using the latest drivers from Lenovo? It is always recommended that laptops use Manufacturers versions of the drivers, as they are often very customized. The AMD drivers, are Vanilla and would lack any custom changes.


          When you installed the drivers there are some guide lines that help with getting it right (your manufacturer may have additional instructions). It can be very important to do everything as recommended. See this guide: Laptop graphics update...How to


          Worth noting too, you will want to make sure all the Intel drivers are current, bios/firmware for system are the latest and all OS updates are installed. Doing this really increases the odds of success.


          If you continue to have issue, you may certainly ask here still, but your manufacturer is the expert on that machine. You can certainly ask question to them or any forums they might have too. It is almost always faster to get answers from people with the exact same hardware.


          Good Luck!