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Black Screen with cursor whenever I make any display changes

Question asked by js2 on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by pokester

Hi, perhaps someone can help me with this...

I have an R9 360 and everytime I make any changes to display settings I end up with a black screen with cursor. The only way to return to a functional system seems to be to pull the power plug from the computer, wait a minute and then restart.

I get the black screen with cursor whenever I:

Win Key + P to switch, duplicate or extend displays

Change the display resolution on any display

Attempt to update GPU drivers or software

Hot plug another display


Windows and the BIOS are up to date. I've tried updating the AMD drivers but this ends up giving me a black screen with cursor before completing, then I have to pull the plug so the update never completes.

AMD settings no longer seems to work either - right click the desktop, left click AMD settings and the windows blue circle progress ring appears briefly but AMD settings never opens. Running AMD settings as administrator also doesn't work.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution to this problem?


Many Thanks




PC is a HP Envy 750 297na, i7-6700 at 3.4 GHz, 16GB RAM, Win 10 home

Since I cant open AMD settings I cant find the AMD software version number.

My main display is a Matrox Triple head running at 3840 x 1024 pixels - connected to the DVI port, and the secondary display is a basic monitor running at 1280 x 768 connected to the HDMI port.