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Black screen on fullscreen; brand new 2400G

Question asked by damianprendergast on Mar 21, 2018
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Yesterday I built a new system for my kids to do homework and Minecraft. It was basically the same as the review kit AMD sent out for Ryzan APUs: 2400g + Gigabyte AB350N mITX, fresh install of Windows 10. Single monitor: AOC AG322FCX 1920x1090x144Hz Freesync.


Sadly, whenever it goes into fullscreen mode the screen goes black. Sometimes it flickers back again for a few seconds then goes again. Minecraft has an additional problem that even in windowed mode the screen occasionally goes bright green and can only be retrieved by F11ing into fullscreen mode (upon which it goes black) and then F11ing back again. Games that can run in borderless window mode are unaffected. Low demand games like Minecraft and Strike Suite Zero are affected, but World of Warships can run fine on near max settings in borderless mode so I don't think it's a lack of grunt.


The windows 10 display scaling is set to the default 100%. I am using the 17.7 driver, which the AMD website and wizard say is the latest for the 2400g (I thought we were on to Adrenaline 18.3 by now though?). I have been searching forums all day. Most solutions are linked to specific versions of Nvidia drivers and an Nvidia panel option called "Adjust desktop size and position", which does not seem to have an AMD 17.7 analogue.


I have tried vSync on and off, different resolutions, underclocking the RAM and the iGPU, to no avail.


I'm not entirely sure if it's a driver or a Windows problem, but this is a fresh install of everything.


Has anyone else had any experience with this?