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Vermintide 2 or VGA card issue?

Question asked by slaanesh on Mar 20, 2018
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I Bought Vermintide 2 some days ago. While i want to play i have a very bad thing. My Computer randomly stopped and restared when i playing Vermintide 2. I trying to switch all settings, updating drivers, but the problem is always back. I have a SAPPHIRE RADEON RX580 Nitro with the latest drivers (18.3.3). I playing any other AAA category games, everything works fine with maximum settings (DX12). Vermintide 2 is totally unplayable. I don't know and i really want an answer. This problem is a VGA card problem, or specially a Vermintide 2 related issue?


Thank you the answer.


Gabor Petrenyi from Hungary.