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Ryzen 1920X performance drop (massive loss in games, slow speed in graphics programs, little multicore activity)

Question asked by fulgrim on Mar 20, 2018


I've noticed a massive performance drop with my Ryzen 1920X as of late.



Ryzen TR 1920X (OC'd to 4.0 for a day then restored to default settings)

32 GB RAM (corsair)

Samsung Pro Evo 920 NVMe

Asus RoG GTX1080 Ti


PUBG down to 70 FPS from 140

Escape from tatrkov down to 15-20 from 60

Warhammer vermintide 2 running at 80 FPS on medium graphics

Loooooooooooong photoshop opening times (25 MB PDF opening for 5+ mins)

Noticed its mostly a single core spiking to 100% while others are idle for all those above.


Additional notes:

All drivers including BIOS up to date (according to easy driver).

Temps pretty normal, all-in water cooling installed on the CPU.


2 weeks back had a Windows (i think it was windows) bug where sudenly only a single core/thread was detected computerwide. Detected chache memory was 1/12th of the usual, not other core detected neither in device manager nor monitoring programs. System wipe helped, back to normal but I feel like the performance is lacking since (already started before, to a lower scale). Illustrated below.