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Can't install display driver

Question asked by dede1234 on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by elstaci


one day my laptop suddenly froze with blue screen ("your pc ran into problem") and restarted, then worked for maybe 10 minutes and froze again but this time it wont restart, just stopped reacting. I only can turn it off by pressing and holding power button. After that it wont boot at all and freeze at black screen (before windows login screen). I figured out it is display driver causing it, when i disable it in safe mode laptop with boot normaly on integrated intel HD 4600.


I tried uninstalling with DDU in safe mode but when i am going to install it back, laptop freeze during installation and laptop wont boot until i disable it in safe mode.

i tried different versions of display driver, and manual and automatic install too.


i My specs:

Toshiba P50-B-10V laptop

intel i7-4710HQ

AMD R9 m265x

12GB ram

Microsoft windows 10 64bit