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    xfx rx 580 running latest drivers crashing windows 10


      i am a strong tech savvy individual i built my last 3 systems and upgraded plenty of hardware.


      my problem is xfx rx580 crimson edition 8gb is crashing my computer. be it in a game or even just watching a movie.


      rig 1:upgraded ibuypower

      fx 8350

      asus gaming pro aura mobo

      16gb Ram

      3 hard drives none SSD

      xfx RX580 crimson 8gb

      600W evga gold power supply with 2*8 pin connectors for multiple gpus


      rig 2: lenovo y520t

      8th gen i-7 8700k

      8gb ram

      1 ssd and 1 2tb hdd

      1060 gtx 3gb

      475W power supply




      now i have allready modified last 5 states in wattman, uped the power to 50%, manual fan speeds, i've even underclocked the gpu to determine if was overheating issue, now in the past it would crash to a static gray blue and black dancing  static screen like an old tube tv on a station with no channel. now it just crashes my hole computer. at the time i got the card i got a new PSU MOBO CPU and this XFX GPU, and replaced all at the same time so after months of rebooting and going days to weeks with no problem it became annoying at best. so i bought a new system.


      Welcome the lenovo y520t gaming rig

           now i moved over the PSU and GPU to the lenovo rig so now rig 2 had reg 1s psu and gpu. 20 minutes into fortnite 120 fps system crashed.

      thus telling me CPU and MOBO are not to blame on rig 1.


      now I took GPU out of rig 2 xfx rx580 and placed it into rig 1 so now rig 1 has for-mentioned hardware minus the PSU that is still in rig 2


      now rif rig 1 fails again only hardware moved is GPU if rig 2 fails its the PSU -----RIGHT?

      so while watching a movie on rig 1 and playing a game on rig 2 rig 1 crashed


      thus telling me that the problem is infact with the GPU


      i have tried older stable drivers, underclocking, overclocking i have even rigged a 3rd power supply jumped green and black to force start a psu not connected to a mobo and connected GPU to its own power supply to avoid power fluctuations. and still crashing. the kicker is i know what your going to say replace the GPU i have not 1s not 2s but 3 times.   bought at best buy returned to best buy and replaced, then returned again to best buy and still  had same problem now i went through xfx and did Advanced RMA that one to has failed me.


      this is clearly a driver or software issue of some kind and i dont know what to do except use this 600$ GPU for target practice at the range.

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          I believe I may have the same card if it is the Best Buy only Black Edition. I can't use any manual states in Wattman at all, they worked before adrenalin but not since. See this pic for my settings that work for me.  I'd try it with default clocks though before OC. I know a few more things I changed in Windows if that doesn't do it for you. Been very stable for me.


          rx580. wattmanPNG.PNG

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              been there done that appears stable but after a few days still crashes there is no stable fix just a bandage. but yes same card i have allready replaced card 3 times this is clearly a software/driver fault

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                  I saw a number of bad reviews on this card and apparently some are hynix memory and some samsung. I know mine is Samsung. I'd be curious which memory yours has. Mine doesn't work properly unless you up the power limit to it's max. I thinks these things need bios updates that do this already. If yous is a case where it just needs a little more juice and the driver limits to a bump of +50 then you can't get it stable. I'd demand XFX replace it again. I had a nightmare time trying to work with XFX to get my card working. They never did help and it is how I ended up registering and becoming a part of this community in mid December.




                  A couple other things I did in conjunction with the Wattman settings are:


                  Set power setting in Windows to High Performance. Balanced is default.

                  Disable Hibernation/Hybrid Sleep.

                  Disable Fast Startup.


                  Good Luck!