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SCREEN FLICKERING PROBLEM|RX480 8GB|ViewSonic XG2402 FullHD,144hz,freesync ON

Question asked by jahnyk on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by jahnyk

I bought a new monitor. My first 144hz monitor. And I have a blinking problem. In windows without problem. In the game without any problems. But! But when I use shift + tab for steam overlay in the game, the flicker starts. I use the displayport cable. Not 1.2.

Drivers 18.3.2.

What I tried.

I put the cable from the monitor to the second input on the graphics card. Nothing.

When I turn off the freesync, the blinking stops. But I want to use freesync. =)

Some ideas?

Do I have to buy displaport 1.2 cable?


Screen flickering - YouTube