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R9 M375 thread stuck in device error

Question asked by t4g0r on Mar 18, 2018
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Every time I try to boot into windows 10 I get BSOD with "Thread stuck in device" error. I can however boot into safe mode. If I delete radeon r9 m375 drivers in safe mode I can boot into windows. But when they reinstalls, I get the same error again.


Scenario: I was playing roblox, and suddenly pc froze. I rebooted it and like 10secs after loading windows it gave the first BSOD. Since then its stuck in a BSOD loop unless I delete AMD drivers. The pc was also connected to a cooler pad, which means its a really low probability of GPU melting.


What should I do and what is the problem?


My pc is Lenovo Z51-70 with an upgrade to 8 gb ram.


NOTE: BIOS is updated to the latest version


NOTE: I have completely reinstalled windows, wiped all the files but this changed nothing.


if I disable my internal video card (intel HD 5500) I can boot my pc, but AMD drivers give "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" error


NOTE: Windows 7 gives BSOD aswell20180318_182423.jpg