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Need help with bios for ax370

Question asked by unknown682 on Mar 17, 2018

Ok so long story short i've got a AX370 k5 gaming Gigabyte Mobo. With 4 ram sticks all 4gb each by G.SKILL they are a DDR4 2400 set.  Now my bios keeps wanting to reset everything back to default it does after a few days, bios reverts back to first version and such including when i manual set my ram my system reads all 4 slots are being used, my pc boots and such just fine, ive doneall the basic stuff and tests and even changing out where they sit with each other, tested each on their own they all work fine, including the normal memory test and such. Now im not sure how to use the BIOS correctly with this Mobo, Is there any reason why my hardware is reversed at 8gb and my system only using 8 out of hte 16gb? because im not sure how to fix it nor do i know how to disable the HDMI if there is or on-board graphics option. because my bios doesnt really show its using on-board setup or its enable but in the manual says its suppose to show their, now i know the board has two bios systems, could it be that the first bios is bad or? i could really use some answers on it would really help me out.