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taskbar moving

Question asked by drainbamage on Mar 17, 2018

OS is Windows 7 Pro

Mother Board      Model Big Bang-XPower II

CPU:                    LGA 2011CPU TypeCore i7 (LGA2011)

Graphics card:     AMD Radeon R9 300 series.


On 3/15/2018 I installed the software from "" and it updated my drivers.
I have 2 monitors a 27in and a 31in.
I have the 31in as my main monitor, and play games on it, the 27in is used for looking stuff up on.
I like the taskbar on the 27in because full screen youtube videos and full screen games cover the taskbar when it is on the 31in monitor.
I have to mouse over and click someplace on the 27in monitor to see the taskbar on the 31in monitor.
It seems random but my taskbar and all items open on my desktop get moved to the main monitor (31in).
The taskbar is on the bottom of the 27in and locked and then stuff gets moved.


Is there some other setting that I need to use to keep the taskbar and open items from moving around.
On 3/16/2018 the software was uninstalled but the drivers are still in place, The problem with stuff getting moved has gone away.


Just a problem that I noticed, and thought you might like to know.


I hope this is in the right spot for this post.

Thanks for reading