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AMD chill is not working. Please help me.

Question asked by rajathsingh on Mar 16, 2018

Hello, I use Lenovo G50 with AMD Radeon HD 8500M. I have the latest version installed and NFS Payback was running soo smooth. There was no problem with the FPS and Heat issues. The fan used to increase the speed automatically which never made my laptop to heat up. But, lately due to a sudden restart the settings were changed and the next time when I opened the game the fan was running slow as usual and the game wasn't running like before. I did a reset and wiped all the data and reinstalled the AMD software and yet the problem didn't solve. So, it's a request to please help me out with a solution so that I can play games smoothly as before.


Laptop description - Win 10 (64-bit) 8GB ram Intel i5 core.


Note - I am getting an optional update of v.18.3.2 and when I am updating it, I am getting the blue screen and the laptop is restarting. Help me with this too.... The error is in the image file.