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    2400G Wont Post After Updating Bios Using AMD's Boot Kit


      I'm in need of some serious help. My boot kit finally came in. I installed the A6. I updated my BIOS. I uninstalled the A6. I installed my 2400G. No display. Everything powers on, but there's no display.


      I've tried: one stick of ram in various slots, different ram (from QVL), and even a new 2400G. Nothing. I turn on the PC, and I just get no signal.


      Here's what's weird:

      If I toss the APU AMD sent me back onto the motherboard, it boots up and brings up the UEFI right away, so it can't be the components or the way I have things set up.


      What the hell is going on?


      Please help, I'm losing my mind.