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    AMD Radeon HD 8470 and photoshop


      I have the AMD Radeon HD 8470 Graphics Card  with the following settings:

      Software version 16.2.1

      Edition  Crimson

      Memroy Type DDR3

      Core Clock 775 Mhz

      Windows version 10

      System Memory 12 GB

      CPU Type  Intel Core i7-4770 CUP @3.40 Ghz


      I am having a problem accessing some of my functions in Photoshop 2018.  I cannot use the Oil Painting filter

      When I go to Preferences > Performance > Advanced Settings it does not allow me to click "Use OpenCL" (It's greyed out)


      I believe that the photoshop site states that this driver should work with Photoshop 2018 but I am not sure sure.  

      Does anyone have any suggestions?