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    ryzen 3 2200g overheat. Any help ?


      Hi, I'm new to computer building.


      Recently built a R3 2200g system with,

      msi b350m mortar

      Team t-force dark ddr4 3000mhz

      XFX XT 500w

      I did some OC in BIOS. a-xmp ram to 3200mhz, OCd iGPU to 1600mhz with SOC voltage 1,2. Left the cpu untouch

      Somehow my CPU on idle heated up to 45C, never stays below 30. I tried run DOTA2 and it hit 70+C

      I did change the thermal paste with a really cheap one actually, cus I fail installing the stock cooler for the first time. and kinda short on budget..


      What should I do now ?

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          Ryzen has a thermal maximum of 91*C, so you're not overheating.

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              But I can't even play the game. It's really laggy even at the lobby.

              And so I've updated the BIOS, everything set back to stock setting then it hits 70°C again. On ryzen master, temps are fluctuating so wild, and reach 70°C again with gfx speed at 400mhz.

              What could be the problem?

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                  The 2200g and 2400g use TIM paste instead of solder. The temps are a bit high on mine too, reaching 70+ with Prime95 after a few minutes.
                  The only viable option here is to get an aftermarket cooler. I saw a video where some guy overclocked 3.9ghz/1.5ghz with a Gammaxx 200T. I have the 300 on the way for $18. Using this 135W cooler on a 65W processor should keep things under 70C at the maximum safe voltages. These processors start lowering boost clocks when they get to 80C, and hard throttle or shut off at 95+, so you aren't throttling.


                  To solve your game issues, you should try lowering your settings. The Vega 8 is close to gt 1030/RX550 performance when overclocked, and that might not be good enough for max settings for some games. I personally don't know how demanding DOTA2 is, but I just looked this game up, and the 2200g is capable of 80fps with this game, though I don't know what the settings were.


                  Also, make sure you've installed the AMD graphics drivers from AMD's site. If you don't install those, you'll be lucky to get more than 5 fps in anything more graphically intense than Minecraft at 480p.

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