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ryzen 3 2200g overheat. Any help ?

Question asked by siera56 on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2018 by thegamingnerd

Hi, I'm new to computer building.


Recently built a R3 2200g system with,

msi b350m mortar

Team t-force dark ddr4 3000mhz

XFX XT 500w

I did some OC in BIOS. a-xmp ram to 3200mhz, OCd iGPU to 1600mhz with SOC voltage 1,2. Left the cpu untouch

Somehow my CPU on idle heated up to 45C, never stays below 30. I tried run DOTA2 and it hit 70+C

I did change the thermal paste with a really cheap one actually, cus I fail installing the stock cooler for the first time. and kinda short on budget..


What should I do now ?