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    Can't install chipset driver


      I can't install the latest or two previous update to my chipset drivers. I clean installed the latest GPU driver (Which works) and went to update my chipset however it just self extracts and does nothing. It sits in my Task manager as AMD software.


      Ryzen 5 1600

      RX 580 8G

      16G 3200 RAM

      ASUS Gaming Pro MB


      Win 10


      Things I've tried:

      Use DDU to clean uninstall AMD drivers and reinstall.

      Use AMD Cleanup Utility clean uninstall AMD drivers and reinstall.

      Reinstall Windows.


      Thanks for any assistance.

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          Same issue here!


          Ryzen 5 1600


          16gb ram

          Crosshair VI Hero mb

          850W corsair PSU


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              I have the same problem with my newly built midtower.  I did a google wide search, and read from some forum that the individual did a super clean uninstall just

              like you.  But when reinstalling it was a 2 step procedure :

                                                        1).  Install from its own pkg the chipset drivers only (can be found on the AMD website drivers pg ).  Then reboot system.


                                                        2).  Then  install video drivers from Radeon Adrenalin software pg for your specific graphics card.

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