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AMD 2200G driver causing black screen

Question asked by pravi on Mar 14, 2018
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Helping a friend put a computer together and we're running into issues installing the AMD 2200G GPU drivers.


Windows locates the Microsoft Basic driver from a fresh W10 install, and when we attempt to use AMD's auto detect software it'll come back stating there isn't any AMD hardware on the machine.


A little Googling states Windows Defender and anti-virus is causing the problem, so we disabled that and were able to install AMD's software.


But we get a blank screen on reboot, and the only way we can get a display is by going into safe mode.


Tried reinstalling it using "Have disk" via computer management and got the same error, the driver looks to be installed correctly via safe mode, but we can't get the computer to boot.


Looked up the motherboard and noticed a BIOS update was available for it, so we upgraded it to F21, highest available is F22B.




Ryzen 2200G

Gigabyte AB350-Gaming3



I've spent a bit of time searching the internet for any clues as to what's causing this, and it seems like it's a Windows/AMD conflict. Could use some help trying to identify the problem, because this is infuriating.