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    Overdrive preventing start-up


           So I updated my processor and graphics card drivers and found AMD OverDrive, I've wanted to overclock for a while now but I've been hesitant to because I've never done it and I know the dangers but I thought this would be a good way to start out.


      The first time I updated my drivers and installed overdrive I didn't restart my PC for a day then when I did it would get to the boot up screen then go to a light blue screen saying there was an error that was preventing start-up and windows would try to fix the problem and restart automatically with a percentage value shown and when it reached 100% it would attempt to restart; this would happen over and over again until I went back to a system restore point.


      The second time I created a restore point before each driver update and restarted my PC after every update (I also used a DDU when installing graphics drivers this time but not the first time) and installed AMD OverDrive last, also creating a restore point beforehand, and encountered the same start-up error when restarting my PC until I restored to the point before installation.


      I am using: Windows 10 x64 bit Home

      AMD Ryzen 1700x

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5

      AMD B350M Bazooka

      8GB RAM DDR4 (2 4GB sticks)

      1TB SATA III 7200rpm HDD

      UEFI BIOS mode

      Ryzen Master version

      Nvidia driver version 391.01

      CyberPower PC

      Model: Gamer Master 2021

      Part #: GM 2021


      This is the screen that showed but this is a google pic so the error is incorrect

      Related image

      A fix or any information is appreciated, please and thank you.