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    Star Wars Battlefront 2/Rainbow Six Siege


      Guys i have a problem, i update the drivers to ADRENALINE 18.3.2 because Rainbow crash when something explote. And now i have a problem with SWB2, the game is very low fps and i cant play. I wanted to know if anybody know if there is a version that i could use to play both games without any problem (i try to find a solution but i cant find one).
      All the help you can bring me will be apreciated.

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          I don't have RSS but will try BF2 tonight and see if I can confirm that it is an issue for me now too. Kinda doubting it as I have been playing BF1 for the last 2 nights and the new drivers actually gave me about a 5 fps increase and are super stable, and Battlefront 2 and Battlefield One use the same engine. I will sure try it though and get back to you.


          Did you do a clean install of the drivers? Sometimes you need to do that. The express install just doesn't work right sometimes. It didn't for me going to 18.3.2 so I ran DDU from safe mode and reinstalled 18.3.2 with the custom/clean install method, if clean install isn't an option then DDU got rid of all remnants and that's a good thing.