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problem ryzen 2400g witth sapphire rx 580 8gb nitro

Question asked by gameonline on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by fmbispo

sorry for my English


I have a big problem: a few days ago I bought the various components to assemble a itx pc.

All components are new!

mobo asrock fatality ab350 itx ac - ram viper4 (2banchi da8gb) - alimentatore - cpu ryzen 5 2400g (cip momentaneo in attesa che arrivi il 2600) - gpu dedicata sapphire rx 580 8gb nitro+.


The problem is that there is no way to be able to update the gpu rx 580 8gb.

Nothing was worth the disable vega11, load the drivers from the rx and then try to download them via adrenalin or "driver" direct, delete all the graphics drivers, including vega, with DDU, reload drivers and using the drivers downloaded from amd, using update from adrenalin, doing windows update (every step followed by ddu).

Actual driver in 2400g end rx 580 is 17.7, the 18.3 or driver 18.2 don't work.

Motherboard BIOS updated to version 4.5.

I've been scrabbling since Saturday afternoon, but I can not find a solution.

I contacted the seller and, at the first level, told me that, coincidentally, they had an incompatibility using sapphire and ab350 asrock motherboard.


Please, do you have any solutions to try?

In your opinion, is the ryzen 2400g incompatible with a gpu sapphire rx 580?

Thanks in advance for the help and support you can give me.