Rx 480 - Display not detected after pc upgrade

Discussion created by wickedanalizer on Mar 13, 2018
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Good day,


I have upgraded my pc's motherboard and cpu from a I5 to a x370 gaming pro carbon with a 1800x inside it.

For this upgrade i have also re-used my ssd's with windows on it. (I am assuming this will have nothing to do with my issue?)


After the upgrade my third monitor(which is actually a TV) stopped working and is not showing up at all in my windows screen display.


Monitor 1 is connected true HDMI

Monitor 2 is connected trough Display port

Monitor 3 is connected also trough display port


While the machine is booting up monitor 3 it is showing the loading of the bios and when windows loads the screen goes black and is not detectable by windows.

If i un-install the AMD driver (with Amd cleanup util..) the pc actually sets Monitor 3 as it default display?


All point out there is something wrong with the display?


Would anyone have any idea what i could pursue and try?