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     Antec produced one of the best mid-tower gaming cases ever made. The Antec 200. It had everything you needed at a price that was perfect. It was basic but stylish and had extremely high build quality. You couldn't go to a LAN without seeing hundreds or even thousands of them. Around the time of the Eleven-Hundred and Nineteen-Hundred, things started to go downhill. The design of cases was changing and Antec hadn't produced anything fresh in a long time. They seemed to concentrate more on odd things like Bluetooth speakers and less on case design and innovation. That's about when the brand dropped off the face of gaming.

     Antec is now back and they've shaken off the rust of old days and brought a fresh face to this legendary brand. Today I get to look at the P110 Luce, an interesting tempered glass-paneled case that would look fantastic in a business setting or as a tasteful gaming case. In almost every aspect I'm impressed with the fit and finish of the Luce.. all the way down to the case feet. Impeccable build quality and a striking style that anyone can enjoy.


Alright down to brass tacks. What's the good and the bad? There really aren't any complaints. It's almost perfect but there are just a few things I'd change for the next revision. First, the silk screening on the cable management bar is the place my eyes went before anything else. I thought it was a sticker.. but it's ink. Not a huge deal but I'm not a fan. The only other thing I would change is the top panel radiator compatibility.


Here are some of the basics.


Fan/Rad fitment :


1 240 or 280mm radiator on top and push-pull is most likely not an option as the motherboard tray is a wee bit close. Or two 120mm fans.

1 360 radiator mounted on the front and push-pull is possible for two fans but not all three. Or 3 120s/240s.

Rear case is pretty standard with your I/O and 8 PCI-E slots along with a vertical GPU mount.



Motherboard fitment :

Up to ATX with standoffs preinstalled ... oo fancy!


Front I/O :

2 USB 3.0 1 HDMI Mic/Headphone


Build quality notes :


The back panel is held on in the same fashion as the glass front panel with a thumb screw in each corner. To assist in getting everything fit the panel is equipped with magnets in each corner as well.

Magnetic dust filters on the front and top of the case. The bottom filter slides out from the side and is the full length of the case.

The Luce has a cable management bar with an integrated video card brace to hold up saggy GPUs. The GPU brace is adjustable and it holds strong with a moderate amount of force applied.

There's plenty of room behind the motherboard tray for wiring management or even a rats nest if you're lazy. Seriously. It's a dungeon back there.


Build experience :


  It's a dream. It took about an hour and a half from start to finish to install everything, including the AIO. All of the wiring pass-throughs are easy to get to and in the right spots. The case is just big enough to fit a tier 1 system in and have the fans make it to the motherboard headers. I really loved that every fan mount has a passthrough next to it and you don't have to search for a wiring path. Most cases overlook fan cable management... it's not like fans are powered by magic.

  All edges are smooth and you won't have to give a blood sacrifice to the PC gods. The front IO is a bit tricky with the HDMI cable being pretty useless for my build and not really having anywhere to hide it. It's a minor thing but it would be really awesome if this was able to be disconnected and a little flush plug thingy available for the HDMI port on the IO panel. There weren't any real issues with the build at all because the case design was well thought out.

Thermals are pretty great because the large vents on the front panel let your fans breathe... something pretty uncommon these days. I installed an H110i V2 onto the front in push configuration with a 120mm fan feeding the power supply shroud area and a bit of the video card. Two Lian Li fans adorn the top 240mm slots and the provided rear 120 wasn't touched. After 20 minutes of AIDA 64 stress, the CPU sat at a comfortable 28 degrees over ambient and the Vega 56 was at 50 degrees over ambient. No fan curves were changed, this case has free-flowing air!


Overall I would give the P110 Luce a huge two thumbs up. Antec has been out of the game for a while and they stepped back in with a heavy boot. The Luce is beautifully crafted from bottom to top and it's a one-hundred percent a show stopper with thermals to back it up. If you're looking for a new case I would urge you to consider this amazing piece of kit from Antec.


If you have a second please reach out to @Antec on Twitter and thank them for providing this case for the review! I want to bring more hardware reviews to the Red Team forums and making some noise for brands that are willing to provide samples goes a long way!








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