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    Adrenalin 18.3.1 and 18.3.2 drivers crash system when some games are started


      After installing the 18.3.1 driver package:


      - World of Warships crashes (the game client) upon launch of the game client (the one after the pre-launch client).

      - Mass Effect Andromeda causes a total system reboot, as it is initializing and loading stuff into the graphics card.

      - Please note: Other games like Palladins and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided continue to work successfully.


      After installing the 18.3.2 drover package:


      - The 2 games listed in the first couple of bullets above still fail in the same way.

      - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided causes a total system reboot upon launch.  (This had been working successfully under 18.3.1).

      - I haven't tried Palladins yet under this new driver package (afraid to) - it had been working normally under 18.3.1.


      I cannot find how to get back to the older pre 18.3 driver packages, so I could try to reinstall them, to avoid and diagnose these observed problems.


      How can I recover to a working driver configuration until these apparent Radeon driver issues are diagnosed and corrected?


      System configuration:

      Intel i7-5820k (6 cores/12 threads, 3.3GHZ), 32GB main memory, RX-480 (8GB), 1080x1920 resolution in all games