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    I know little about video card.


      however it is the last component to my piecemealed desktop. My current equipment is ga-970a-ds3p FX Rev 2.1, AMD FX 8350, EVGA 750w psu, Samsung 860 Evo SSD, Ati AMD Radeon 5570 about 10 yrs. old.  I would like an upgrade from my current Video card to a card that will get me by until the current inflated prices settle down and compliment my other components. $100-$150. I'm not a gamer but I want the option. Thank you for any suggestions

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          Go with the Sapphire Pulse RX560 OC 4G version I recently upgraded about 3months ago, Great valve for $ still good for gaming, price quality & there still a few of them around. Really under rated but the preformance to price you cant beat they edge out the cravidia counterparts 1050 range by miles. I am impressed with my card great for web surfing Netflix etc. I was impressed & only need a 500w PSU minimum requirements good stopgap till the card supply comes back. They are a step up from the rx550. I am playing The Witcher 3 on medium without struggle, Dying LIght & many other mix of games without a hitch I do a variation of work I got it as a stopgap but been impressed for value & quality. Just make sure your OS is upto date with fresh drivers on USB ready to go & cant go wrong.