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    Blurry desktop with Adrenaline drivers, perfectly crisp desktop without


      I have a Radeon R290X connected with Displayport cable to my Dell P2815Q monitor, and I use it in 2560x1440 instead of the full 4K resolution that the monitor is capable of as my eyes dont like it in 4k. This has been working perfectly, I did have some initial issues in the beginning but after a bit it stabilized and I did not think much about it.


      A few weeks back I restart my computer (doesnt happen that often) and all of a sudden everything is super blurry - a real pain to look at. Not only fonts, everything is looking through a haze.


      I try to install latest drivers, but this does not help at all, instead I see complains that my resolution is not optimal. After a lot of fiddling with settings all over the place (WHY does the interface have to look so sleek?? isnt it better to be clear about what a setting do and what it affects???) I managed to at least get the resolution I wanted and, I suspect, disable the driver as I not only got the resolution but also the crispness back. However, I could see the Radeon interface - but I did not touch anything in there. I have been able to restart a few time without any ill effects.


      Yesterday I was forced to restart the computer - and all of a sudden the blurry desktop was back. This time I did not seem to find the settings I used before to get back to crispness - so as a final resort I tried to install the latest 18.3.1 driver. This installation failed - but... all of a sudden my desktop is nice and crisp again. I am guessing this will only be temporary until some update "fixes" my setup.


      What can I do to use the driver and have a crisp desktop??


      - Install old driver - really? If this was going from 17->18 I could expect that not all things were right the first releases. but this is not 18.0.0
      - Fix DPI and font - em, why is my whole desktop then blurry?