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    Resolution locked


      GPU AMD Radeon R9 200/HD 7900 Series


      OS WINDOWS 10 64 HOME 64 bit

      Adrenalin 18.1.1


      MOBO MSI MS-7599

      BIOS: Default System BIOS (LEGACY)

      CPU AMD Phenom(tm) 11 X6 1100T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz

      PSU Thermaltake TR2 700W Gold

      RAM 16 GIGS

      So I am having a pretty rough issue, and I cannot for the life of me figure this out. Despite my pc being set at 1920X1080 Res, most of my games are locked at 1360X720. I went to DXDIAG and I noticed despite AMD Adrenaline being set at 1920X1080, my display res in DXDIAG was 1360X720. So I went to the default windows display options and changed it to 1920X1080. DXDIAG now sais that my PC is at 1920X1080 res but my games are still locked at 1360X720. Some games won't even launched. Before I reinstalled windows, none of this was ever an issue. All of my games functioned perfectly, but now my pc is nothing more than a work machine as I cannot get it to function the way it used to pre OS reinstall. Does anyone have any ideas?