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AMD CrossFire bridge issue

Question asked by laryisland on Mar 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by 4monkeys

So before I buy a new bridge I wanted to make sure that the bridge itself is indeed the problem, When trying to run two HD 8970M cards in crossfire this error message displays "The AMD CrossFire internal bridge interconnect linking your graphics cards together are not properly attached. Both bridge interconnects must be attached." I have tried to remove and refit the bridge as well as turning the cable around and switching which card the cable ends connects to. If anyone has any information as to whether or not something else could be the problem or if the bridge does just need replacing, a reply would be much appreciated.


Edit: I should add that I did have crossfire working for quite some time but recently had a problem with one of the cards, so I sent it off to be repaired and both cards now function, just apparently not the bridge.