Radeon software updates above 17.11.2 are causing my games to 'freeze' upon launch.

Discussion created by 3lliott on Mar 10, 2018

This is a weird occurrence that, as far as I know, hasn't happened with anyone else.

When updating Radeon software through the AMD Radeon settings application, any update that's above 17.11.2 causes my games to freeze on upon launch. After a little bit of messing around with the game's, I figured out that they were just not updating the frames/display and could be updated by simply pressing the windows key then clicking back on the game, after doing this the new frame/updated frame is displayed but then freezes again.


I am certain that it's the updates that are causing this since when I restore my system to a point which has version 17.11.2 or below installed, this problem doesn't persist, I have done several updates with newer and different software versions and they all produce the same problem.


CPU: Intel Core i5-2400T @ 2.3GHz

GPU: Radeon RX 550 4GB GDDRD5 Memory

OS: Windows 10 Home 64Bit


Games that froze: ARK: Survival Evolved

                             No Man's Sky


                             Fishing Planet



Thanks in advance for any assistance.


(P.S This is my first time using the AMD forums, sorry if I've posted this in the incorrect place)