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HDMI Scaling issue when running programs in fullscreen

Question asked by r1nter on Mar 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by plumboby


I have my computer hooked up to a TV and I use the HDMI scaling option to get the image to fit.

Recently, when I run a program (any game/vlc etc.) in fullscreen on either of my monitors, the image flickers and resizes so that black bars appear. If I then reduce the HDMI Scaling to expand the image, it reverts and the image is cut off again. If I turn off HDMI Scaling from the start and run a program in fullscreen, the picture remains with its edges cut off.

I tried toggling and changing GPU scaling modes but this did not fix the issue


This issue started after I refreshed windows 10 due to a bug during a BIOS update.


Thanks for your help,


OS: win10 1709

Intel i5-7500

RX480 Crimson 18.3.1 Driver.

MB: MSI H270M (MS-7A69) Bios Version B_50