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Suggested Raptr replacement

Question asked by peteyallison on Mar 10, 2018

I am spoiled by my old computer that had an NVidia video card in it and I was able to use the GeForce Experience to auto configure my games.  But, my new computer has a AMD RX-580 and a AMD Ryzen 7 in it.

I know that the Raptr AMD Gaming Evolved software is no more.  Is there anything else that can do the same thing for me?  Or is there a website that I can go to that I can punch in my set up in and it tells me what game settings to use for my games?  For example, I am playing World of Warcraft and the game recommends to use the Setting 5 within the game, which seems to be a little low.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, why does the Radeon Settings app auto-find World of Warcraft?  I have to "browse" to the game's .exe file.


I am very sorry for a long-winded question, but I am totally new at the AMD setup.