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    Audio sutter when closing video/music




      I have a RX570 with latest updates installed, running on Win 7

      I use ReLive with the save instant replay feature.

      Recently when I am watching a youtube video or a video on VLC, if I close the window/program the audio will get stuck and make a really loud "drrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound and it will persist until I open another video/audio file.

      The only fix I have is to open it again then pause the audio and then close it.


      Also when I check the sound settings it is the AMD ReLive: Host Application that is making it, when I mute it the sound still persists.


      Has anyone experienced this before? or have a better fix for it?


      Many thanks.

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          I have the same GPU (RX570) that I just got two days ago. Same program (AMD Radeon with ReLive active).

          The quick fix I have is to go to Task Manager and end the amddvr.exe process (AMD ReLive: Host Application). It seems to fix the annoying audio buzz by restarting Radeon. I've yet to find a solution that is better than this so far.


          EDIT: Seems to involve ReLive's Record Desktop option? Disabling it in the Radeon settings and re-enabling it will stop the buzzing.