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    Adjust 0DB fan curve on Radeon RX 460


      At idle desktop load 2 fans on this Gigabyte RX460 4GB card with the latest driver stay often at 0 rpm due to 0DB feature enabled in Vbios. But they start spinning every few sec for a short time to keep Temp around 45C, and each time there is a click, possibly from the board relay. Short of doing RMA, is there a way to extend 0DB fan cycle, so they would run slowly and longer to avoid this constant relay clicking noise?

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          I found some ways to adjust 0DB fan curves to extend the cycle. One way is to mod the GPU BIOS with SRBPolaris or similar tool, adjust target T and increase its hysteresis, but that would require using a different profile at gaming. Instead, generic fan control software can be launched at each boot like SpeedFan, which allows to control GPU fan speeds by curves. Or, MSI Afterburner and Saphhire TriXX allow similar curve adjustments, including for 0DB Temp range.


          Finally, in AMD Wattman somewhat similar thing can be achieved by switching On both Fan Speed and Temp controls, and setting Target Temp a little below 45C, like 44C. That increases Hysteresis of 0DB cycle, and the fans stop turning On/Off every 2 sec. You must save this to Idle Profile, which should auto load at each reboot. Reset settings or switch to a different Wattman Profile when playing games, otherwise GPU throttling will occur due to low target Temp.