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    Replacing CPU



        Can please tell me?

      Which of these numbers printed on the CPU do I need to know

      and what does each set mean?

      AMD A6-3600 Series, AD3650WNZ43GX, DA 1210SUT, 9A56703D21658

      I am trying to replace my old CPU with one just like it. !@@

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          i think that is FM1
          so you only can insert a A8-3870k (which is same Gen as yours, but faster - maybe your board didnt support it)


          i would highly recommend buying a cheap Ryzen 3 built instead


          btw - nexttime we need to know your board more than your CPU

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            I'd suggest you consider building a different PC. The Fm1 socket (your current socket) is quite old and won't give you good performance. If you want to go for an APU, search the web about the two recently released raven ridge APUs. They're gonna give you great value for a reasonable price. Not to mention. you're gonna need a different motherboard with an AM4 socket and ddr4 RAM (preferably fast dual channel RAM).

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              I agree with earlier respondents who recommend that you build a newer system, because your money is better spent on technology newer than 2011.

              However, here are some answers for the sake of completeness. The part number is the first line. AD3650WNZ43GX is the A6-3650 APU. An exact replacement would require A6-3650. The fastest possible upgrade for socket FM1 is the A8-3870K, as mentioned above. This would increase the max frequency from 2.6 to 3.0 GHz and marginally improved graphics.

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                shalom If you're capable of buying from Ebay, a replacement CPU should cost under $20 USD. Just search for the part number AD3650WNZ43GX and you'll find plenty of sellers.