AMD Superfan VLAN Feedback Survey!

Discussion created by norumu on Mar 9, 2018
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Hey folks!


Last week, had an AMD Superfan VLAN that, overall, was pretty swell from what I've been hearing. Despite all of the personal feedback we've received, I wanted to get a more formalized set of data on what was good and what wasn't as good so we can improve for future Red Team events. So, I put together an anonymous survey to facilitate that and we'd really appreciate if you spent a bit of time in filling it out.




There are an assortment of selection and open feedback sections, so hopefully you'll be able to get anything you want to express out into the form. As such, please keep your feedback and personal commentary, especially if it's about specific members of the community or staff, out of this thread, regardless of whether it's positive or negative. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns that you want to personally address or were not able to be express in the survey form, please feel free to message it to me privately through the forums here or on Discord.


Afterwards, with enough responses, I will share some of the fun tidbits of data back to you all, because I want to make sure we're being respectful and supportive of the Red Team community.


Thanks so much for your time. Have yourself a great <future timeframe from when you read this>!