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rx 500 memory bug

Question asked by teopat on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by teopat

so i'v got this problem almost a half year now my gpu usually starts with my pc and stuck in 300mhz memory clock (rx 560) but after couple restart bcs my pc for some reason will blue screen some times while opening and i know that the problem is the gpu every time their is a new driver available my pc will crash mid download and cancel the driver from downloading but when it actually install i will have a problem with the name 1603 and my driver will be half installed what ever i do now recently i buy DOOM that is laggy what ever setting i use VULCAN/OPENGL i have 20 fps and a lot of dips and i thought it was just the game then i release that my gpu was running at 300mhz or 625mhz  when i look at the walls my fps go 100+ and i hit the 1750 memory but when i look in the game again dip to 300 any fix plz? i really dont want to buy a new gpu right now ...