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Help finding graphics card version (AMD R5)

Question asked by handsi on Mar 8, 2018
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My son has a HP Laptop and unfortunately the Hard Drive went (which had W-10 installed). I had an old hard drive with Windows 8.1 on it which I shoved in and it works fine. I have managed to install all drivers apart from the graphics driver. Problem I am having is Windows 8.1 does not recognise (P-n-P) the version of the in-built graphics card and uses a generic Microsoft basic graphics driver - which doesn't work with the games he wants to play (Minecraft, Fortnite, various Steam games including Ark Survival Evolved).


Whenever I try to install the driver it fails through the automated installation, or does not run at all as it says there is no graphics driver installed (doh!). I could do the manual install, and have found out where all the drivers are in the C:/AMD directory, however I just cannot find anywhere what the version number is of the Graphics card is to install the correct driver. All I can find anywhere is "Radeon R5" (I have even taken the cover off to see if it want on a sticker somewhere on the motherboard!)


So - AMD big minds out there - please could you help me work out the version so I can install the correct graphics driver!!!


(And no....I cannot find the Windows 10 activation key....I would have installed that by now if I had it!)


Laptop model is 15-ba083sa


Please let me know if you need any more info!