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    Where did this XTU Service: Intel Extreme Tuning Utility come from?


      hi all I just rebuilt from fresh, ie deleted my partition reformatted and a fresh copy of the latest Windows 10 pro onto my pc


      I'm running

      Ryzen 7 1800X

      Gigabyte 370X Gaming 5 Aorus motherboard with 32Gigs 2933 Corsair Ram

      RX Vega 64


      so I've been having weird windows issues, today I decided to do a clean boot via Msconfig, the first thing I did was select hide Microsoft services, then I see this


      XTU Intel Extreme utility running I mean what the hell


      I stopped the service and deleted the reg keys


      I've popped over to Reddit and there seems this has happened in the last few days to at least 2 other people running Ryzen machines.


      any ideas, I did a full malware scan, plus malware rootkit, both came back clean.