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KERNELBASE.dll!SleepEx() cause sotrware crached,two fire pro w600 install in one pc and output to 10 monitors

Question asked by shaum on Mar 8, 2018

Hi AMD support team


I am Shaum from Network Optix  ,Network Optix is a surveillance software company,


Our customer using your product and have some issues.



We using dump to collect information and  "KERNELBASE.dll!SleepEx()" command from driver at some point.


This causes Windows to consider application as hanged. Our first assumption was that


driver detects the GPU overheat -- but the investigation showed that GPU temp is normal


when the issue happens.



Customer already update to to 18.Q but not solved problem.


Here is customer site system structure:


One pc installed two fire pro W600 card and output to 10 monitors.



The link below is dump file include this information

Dropbox - HD Witness3.dmp